Wine ID: cwb040703 / Barcode: 3859891697052
  • Wine type: Top-quality dry red wine
  • Vintage: 2016.
  • Variety: Teran
  • Position/Terroir: Narduči i Stara Boška
  • Alcohol content: 13,5 %
  • Volume: 0,75 lit.

Produced from only the finest grapes based on controlled cluster selectivity methods, this wine is aged for twelve months in oak “barrique“ barrels. It has a characteristic ruby-red colour and noble, wild berry aroma tinged with vanilla. The taste is full-bodied, robust and dry.

Decanter 2012 - silver Teran barrique 2007
Decanter 2014 - Gold Teran Barrique 2012

Ideal for partnering with meat and game, prosciutto, cheese and truffle dishes.