Wine ID: cwb040506 / Barcode: 3857500055057
  • Wine type: Top-quality dry red wine
  • Vintage: 2015.
  • Variety: Teran
  • Position/Terroir: Motovun
  • Alcohol content: 14,0 %
  • Volume: 0,75 lit.

Teran Barbarossa is produced exclusively from the grape variety Teran from the Motovun Vineyard, aged 18 months in wooden oak barrels. It is characterized by a ruby-red color, which when being swirled in a glass, has a purple hue. The aroma is fine, accentuated and recognizable. It is of a typical fruity character dominated by mature raspberry. It has a relatively high content of total acids and a certain presence of astringency, which blended into a high extract gives this wine a characteristic taste of a full, strong, robust, but at the same time pleasantly blended wine. Thanks to its eclectic fullness, consistency, and large amounts of polyphenols, it is also considered to have healing properties.

Decanter -  Teran 2015. - Bronze medal

Vinistra 2018. - Teran 2015. - Gold Medal

Vinistra 2018. - Teran 2016. - Gold medal

Vinistra 2018. - Teran 2017. - Silver diploma

IWC London 2018. - TERAN 2015. - Commended

Decanter 2019. - Teran 2016. - Silver

Teran Barbarossa is an ideal wine partner to dried meat products, cheese and dishes based on meat and venison, as well as fish prepared with spicy sauces.

Its characteristics are best pronounced if it is consumed at a temperature of about 16-18 ° C.